SwimSpas on Order


Expected Delivery for these models is May of 2022





Included Accessories

17’ SwimFit

Alpine Mist Acrylic - Midnight Cabinetry


Includes Form Goggles, Factory installed Frame Cabinet, Hardcover, 24" Exercise Bar, Soft Stride Mat, and Galaxy Light upgrade


Pricing includes standard hard cover, unless another cover style is listed, Building permit for the SwimSpa itself, water care start up package and local delivery (15 or less miles from our store location)

*Pricing does not include concrete foundation, electrical requirements and crane fee's. A site inspection will be required for firm and final pricing on these models.


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Did you know?

Your spot for new knowledge within the industry.

Did you know that hot tubs require a Building Permit in the state of Virginia?

While many may not agree to this requirement, it is for the safety of the consumer. We have seen some wild situations!

At this time, Waterworks is the only licensed contractor/ dealer in the Roanoke Valley who follows this requirement. Keeping you safe and happy is our goal.







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